10 Steps to Success - Year 6 - Writing

Writing in Year 6 should be independently planned, drafted and edited.  Adverbials and subordinate clauses should enhance cohesion, and adventurous vocabulary and grammatical structures should create impact and reflect the level of formality required (Although the girl appeared calm, she was secretly terrified).  Sentences should continue to be varied in structure, demonstrating an ability to include clauses appropriately within, at the start, and at the end of them.  

Children also learn the difference between passive and active styles and should demonstrate both, appropriately, in their writing.  Children learn how to use the colon and semi-colon and should show a wide variety of accurately used punctuation in their writing. Lower and upper case letters should be correctly sized and joined.

Follow this link to year 6 spelling lists. By the end of the year we expect children to be able to spell these words when they use them in their own writing (not just in a test).

We’ve broken the year’s key learning into 10 skills. If children can master these in year 6, they will make a flying start to year 7, the first year at high school. These skills won’t necessarily be mastered in order.

10 Skills

Skill 1

Create atmosphere and integrate dialogue to convey character and advance the action. 

Skill 2

Select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect the level of formality required.  

Skill 3

Use a range of cohesive devices, including adverbials, within and across sentences and paragraphs.  

Skill 4:

Use passive and modal verbs mostly appropriately.    

Skill 5 

Use a wide range of clause structures, sometimes varying their position within a sentence.     

Skill 6

Use adverbs, preposition phrases and expanded noun phrases effectively to add detail, qualification and precision.    

Skill 7

Use basic punctuation correctly (. ? ! commas for lists and for clarity, apostrophes for contraction and possession, inverted commas, and punctuation for parenthesis).  

Skill 8

Make some correct use of semi-colons, dashes, colons and hyphens.    

Skill 9

Spell most words correctly including those on the year 5 and 6 Spelling List).  

Skill 10

Maintain legibility, fluency and speed in handwriting through choosing whether nor not to join specific letters.