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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

14th October

Week beginning: 14th October 2019

We will have ‘d’ on the sound table this week and will be continuing our bulb diary writing and practising cursive letter formation.
We will be looking at the story of 'The Enormous Turnip' and acting it out in groups.
• We will be thinking about what we did over the weekend and trying to write about it. Please talk about what you did on the way to school on Monday morning to help the children remember or you could put an observation on Tapestry for us to share in class!
• In phonics we have learnt four new sounds (g, o, c, k and ck). Actions may be different for each class as depends on children’s suggestions:
g – gently beat chest like a gorilla
o – RC – squeeze an orange. RO’C – make an octopus.
c – RC - make pincers of crabs. RO'C - make crocodile jaws
k – two fingers pointing down on a flat hand, one finger pretends to kick a ball
• In P.E. we will continue to travel in different ways and focus on the importance of spatial awareness and adjusting our speed!
• Please keep encouraging children to practise doing up their own coats and buttons at home. The practise also helps us enormously on P.E. days!
• We are still having a lot of mix-ups with clothes, especially after P.E. on Thursdays. Please ensure that all clothes are named. We cannot sort out mix-ups when identical clothes are un-named.

The Infant Harvest Festival is at 9.15am on Friday at St Paul's Church. Please join us if you are able. Thank you if you have already sent in donations, we are continuing to collect them during next week.

We are looking forward to our Muddy Walk on Thursday 24th October. Please see the original letter for timings if you are coming to join us.

Tempest photographers are in school on Tuesday 15th October and will be taking individual and sibling photographs.