15.07.21 Following advice from Public Health England we are closing the year 3 bubble.

St Paul's CofE Primary School

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Colons and Semi-Colons for lists

Using colons and semi-colons to write lists:


Your child will be taught to use colons to introduce a list. For example, ‘Choose any four of the following items: sandwich, crisps, juice, water, apple, grapes, cake.’


The items in the list are separated by commas. Occasionally, the list items themselves contain commas, so semi-colons are used to separate the items to make it easier to understand. For example:

‘This Monday, sports matches are taking place for the under-11s, under-12s, and under-13s in rugby; the under-11s and under-13s in football; and the under-14s, under-15s, and under-16s in hockey.’