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St Paul's CofE Primary School

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Home Learning

A message from Miss Ackerman and Miss Hayden-Cox:

In the event of school closures our main points of contact will be the school website and Tapestry. We have prepared packs of resources and ideas to keep your child’s education ticking over at home to be used if schools are closed. 

Resources available in the home-learning pack: 
Other useful resources and links: 

Please copy and paste these links to use: (logins are available in the back of your childs reading record)


PhonicsPlay have decided to make their website free to use due to the current situation. The username is march20 and the password is home. You can access their activities at 

It would be great if you could first revise all of phases 3 and 4 and then start to work on phase 5 activities.


There are fun fun family recipes and activities available on


Year One Timetable

To help you and your child adjust to the change of home school learning, you may like to adopt some of the routines we have in our classrooms.  We’ve uploaded a copy of the Year One timetable, but please bear in mind that we adapt it from week to week. 


Here are a few ideas of things that you could do…  


-Changing reading books first thing in the morning:

Your child may like to find a book on their shelf at home to share with you later on in the day. 



In class, the children answer the register, sometimes in different languages, sometimes by counting in 1s, 2s, 5s or 10s.  Perhaps family members, pets or favourite toys could join your new, temporary class…  You could make a register of names in a variety of ways such as decorated written name cards, construct names using magnets on the fridge, write their own register on a clipboard/whiteboard/chalk board to show who is present in the house today. 



Whilst lining up for worship we complete the date board and discuss the weather as they walked to school - your child could make a date board with you or you may wish to download one from Twinkl (presently downloads are free).  During our worship time we gather together, light a candle and share a short story from the Bible (often with role-play) or listen to a story based on our half-termly Christan value (currently humility) or the Christian season (Lent). Your child may like to say a prayer or share a song with you that we sing regularly at school such as 'Magic Penny' or 'Jesus' Love is Very Wonderful'.  After a period of quiet listening, we follow the balance and co-ordination exercises using the '5-a day fitness' program - selecting 'Time to Chill'.



At present, we are team-teaching with our Year 2 colleagues and the children are all working on different phases.   We often make use of PhonicsPlay.  For further details, please refer to your Home Learning Packs.   We will endeavour to share some phonics sessions with you and let you know the structure and content during further memos.  For now, please complete the phonics booklet that we’ve included in the pack.


-Story Time:

We finish every school day with some time to relax together and share a story from our library box.


Please do not feel as though you must stick to our timetable.  It is completely up to you how you organise your day but we thought sharing some of our daily routines may help you and your child adapt to such a change during this unsettling time.


Stay safe and enjoy this unexpected quality time with your precious family.


Best wishes,

Miss Ackerman and Miss Hayden-Cox

Tapestry Memos

During our period of school closure, we will be keeping in touch with you via Tapestry.
Tapestry have added some features which will help us with this - there is now a 'memo' feature which we will use for messages rather than observations. There is also a 'documents' feature, meaning that we can upload resources onto Tapestry rather than the website.

Please begin by using the activities in the pack which we sent home. We will supplement these with further ideas throughout the coming weeks.

Obviously, we have some children still in school and may have periods of illness ourselves so cannot commit to specific dates or numbers of tasks suggested.

Please keep us informed of your child's progress by uploading photos, videos or text of them completing the tasks.

The home learning section of our class page on the school website (where you currently find yourself) contains copies of the home learning pack plus website links and further resources for you to access. These will also be on the 'documents' section of Tapestry.

Very best wishes,
Miss Ackerman and Miss Hayden-Cox


We have attached the weekly spelling lists so that you can continue to have spelling tests at home. The children have just finished learning term 2B week 5, so next week will be 2B week 6 and then the rest of the spellings will be on the 3A sheet.