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St Paul's CofE Primary School

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Phase 3

Phase 3 Phonics

In Phase 3 we are learning some new graphemes (letters or combinations of letters that are used to write sounds) and ‘tricky words’. By the end of Phase 3 your child should know at least one way of writing all of the 44 phonemes (sounds).

Please see the Phase 3 formation sheet for a list of new graphemes.


  •  Buried Treasure – read the words on the coins and decide whether to put them into the bin (made-up words) or the treasure chest (real words).
  •  Alien cvc word maker – use the letters from your challenge bag to make words using the cvc frame.
  • Be more Geraldine! Pick a phase 3 grapheme and off you go around the house to find something featuring that sound! You could put pictures of what you have found on Tapestry.
  • Log on to Busy Things and play Buried treasure, Messy letters or any of the other Literacy games.