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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Intent, Implementation and Impact


Reading lies at the heart of the curriculum at St Paul’s. We are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers and we believe reading is key for academic success.

Our popular library is run for the children by the children.


  • Children take part in daily Guided Reading lessons, where they are exposed to a range of different texts and can demonstrate their understanding and thinking behind these.
  • We have two excellent libraries and a wide range of reading books in every classroom. All children from choose a reading book to take home and this reading book is changed frequently.  
  • Each classroom has a selection of books which are directly linked to the class topic. This offers opportunities for pupils to apply their reading skills across the curriculum. 
  • Children are read to each day by their class teacher. This can be a book that the teacher recommends to the class or a recommendation from a child.  
  • Children have the opportunity to take part in ‘Reading Buddies’, in which children mix with other children from different year groups and share a book together. 
  • Children in key stage 2 who are not yet ‘free readers’, are given daily intervention sessions using "Letters and Sounds" for those in years 3 and 4, and "Fresh Start" for those in years 5 and 6.

Reading to learn is an important aspect of our curriculum.


By the time children leave St Paul’s, they are competent readers who can recommend books to their peers, have a thirst for reading a range of genres including poetry, and participate in discussions about books, including evaluating an author’s use of language and the impact this can have on the reader.  They can also read books to enhance their knowledge and understanding of all subjects on the curriculum, and communicate their research to a wider audience.