15.07.21 Following advice from Public Health England we are closing the year 3 bubble.

St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Sports Premium Report 2015-2016

•INSET for all teaching staff to introduce and model how to use and deliver the Real PE program. All staff have embraced the new scheme and are using it with their classes for one hour a week.


•Senior Learning Support Assistant is receiving weekly professional development, working alongside, an extremely experienced football coach.


•St Paul’s has registered with the Chance to Shine project which will provide CPD for two members of staff who will be taking over the delivery of Kwik Cricket since our lead cricket coaches have left. The Chance to Shine project also provides a lunch time club to facilitate positive play and active children.


•Registration for 5-a day has been purchased again to ensure that all children in KS1 (and KS2 if desired by staff members) to ensure that the children have 25 minutes of extra exercise above the government requirement of 2 hours of high quality PE.


•The PE funding has been used to finance a block of sessions for specific children in Year 3 to experience horse riding (RDA).


•Essential PE resources have been ordered to ensure that staff can deliver high quality PE sessions. 


•Cross Fit Club


Twenty children from years three and four have had the opportunity to attend a brand new club (breadth of opportunity). The majority of the members are boys (3/4 of the group), this is great as other clubs which we currently offer from outside coaches are dominated by girls (cheer-leading, tap and modern dance). Children are developing steps from the previous session and learning how to lift carefully and safely.


Sophie Wheadon has been booked to do another Cross-Fit after school club in 2016.


•Mary Wright – a head gymnastics coach from London


All staff had the opportunity to observe Mary teach a variety of sessions throughout the day. She showed a variety of ways to set up the hall, how to break down key skills/lessons and show staff how to support children when performing gymnastics moves.


We also have a new club every Wednesday following the purchase of the Key Steps Program. Mary supported Mrs O’Connor who now has greater confidence when delivering these sessions. Children receive either a badge or certificate for achievement.


Mary has also emailed resources for us to use.


•Storage & Shelving


Following training by Mary Wright, she advised us to have equipment at a suitable level for children to access and set up the hall for their gymnastics lesson. New storage boxes with lids are now placed at an appropriate level for children to be independent.


•REAL PE – Training, Schemes of Work and resources


Mr Teale, Mrs O’Connor and Miss Roberts attended a course in February 2015 about a new scheme of work which takes PE back to the key core skills. This scheme of work is to be taught by class teachers, not as part of the PPA. It is a fun approach (through stories and role play) and encourages children to be physically literate. The planning is easy to follow, ensures progression and continuity within and between year groups but also allows teachers the freedom to take their lessons off at a tangent if they are confident. The scheme also helps to facilitate the development of the whole child and supports our Christian school values and ethos.




T-shirts with the school logo (10 t-shirts per set) have been printed for children to wear off-site, when they are representing the school. Not only do they look smart, they are also easily identifiable by members of staff and organisers of the sporting event.


T-shirts have been distributed for all members of staff to wear when they are teaching or supporting PE. This encourages staff to be a positive role model and follow the St Paul’s Code of Practice, staff are encouraged to change for PE. It also supports the safe-guarding policy. Hoodies have also been purchased by staff and a small contribution has been used with the PE funding.


•½ day with Regional PE Specialist Teacher


PE Coordinator worked with PE regional specialist to create a curriculum overview for 2015-16. This plan contains the units of work for class teachers to use when teaching their hour of PE and states what is taught during the second hour which is delivered during PPA.


•UV Protection


•Following the heat of the School Games, Sports Brellas were ordered to keep children safe in the sunshine using a UV protective area.