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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Wednesday 25th March

WARM UP Sing the alphabet song with Evie, Millie and Edith (see the video), pointing to letters if you have an alphabet chart available OR Sing along to the song -  (Phonics Song zed version)

Using the letters in the challenge bag or Flash Cards: Speed Trial using Phonics Play (select phase 3), practise reading sounds at speed.
Phonics Play - (Username:march20, Password:home)
Practise reading ALL Tricky Words - I, to, go, no, the, into, he, she, me, we, be, my, you, was, they, all, are
(Use the words from the challenge bag as flash cards or download a set from the Tapestry Documents section)

Today we will be re-visiting the 'ow' sound (ACTIONS: RO'C hold shoulder saying 'ow', RC point down.)
Look in challenge bag - can your child find the 'ow' sound?
Practise saying the sound.
Loading 'Busy Things' (handwiting section) before writing the sound using a pencil/pen/chalk would be a useful tool to practise the correct formation.
Write it in the air - start on the line then curl around the caterpillar, around the orange and squirt (horizontal join), down, up, down up flick.

Play Buried Treasure/Dragon's Den/Picnic on Pluto - this can be completed on-line using 'Phonics Play', select phase 3, 'ow'
Make a set of coins with the following words: now, down, owl, cow, how, town, fown, owp, hown, lown and use the buried treasure mat which was in the home learning pack.

Hold up captions (use the screen/print off captions/copy on a piece of paper)
Encourage your child to read the caption - can they spot any tricky words? Can they blend the sounds together?
1. The owl is not feeling sad and down.
2. I park my car in town.
3. How do I feed a cow?

Captions to read

Buried Treasure Coins

Geraldine the Giraffe learns ow spelling

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