We wish all of our Year 6 children the very best for Secondary School and beyond! We will miss you!

St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Week beginning: 11th May

Friday 15th May

Can you go out on a bug hunt? Have a look under stones, logs, flower pots, in flowers. Where were they hiding?
What mini-beasts did you find? How many did you find?
How could you record what you have found?

Challenge - how can you sort your findings? At school, we sometimes use sorting circles to organise our results by placing pictures or plastic bugs in the the circle with the correct label. If they have both features they are placed in the middle.
Which minibeasts have legs?
Which minibeasts can any fly?
Which minbeasts live underground? On the ground? Above the ground?

Thursday 14th May - Make a Rainbow

Every Thursday we have been showing our appreciation by clapping at 8pm for incredible NHS staff, carers and key workers. Today, can you use objects to make a rainbow?

Lucy and I used t-shirts to create our object rainbow. My nephew used lots of different items he found around the house to make his!

Wednesday 13th May - Weaving

Weaving can be quite a tricky skill so to practise the action, place some objects in a line on the floor or in the garden - can you travel in and out? Perhaps you could dribble a football and weave in and out?

Instructions for this activity are attached as photographs or a PDF

Grown ups, you will need to prepare the paper before beginning this activity. You may like to use different materials to weave by recycling newspaper or old clothes. You may like to create a piece or art work by using a photograph or favourite picture or perhaps you may like to produce a bespoke item and weave a paper bag. Be as imaginative as you like!

Tuesday 12th May - 'The Good Samaritan' with Joe

Joe has kindly recorded a worship for us to view, please click on the following link:  Your child will be able to teach you the actions to the song: 'Our God is a Great Big God', it is one of our favourite hymns at school!

To follow on from his act of worship, Joe would like us to explore the Bible Story, 'The Good Samaritan where Jesus told us a story about a man who went on a dangerous journey to Jerusalem (you may like to use the PDF or photographs).

Can you make an obstacle course and journey your way through it? (We would love to see a photo or video)

As the man travelled, he was attacked by robbers who took everything he had. The man really needed someone to help.

Can you create a list of 6 people who you think would help you?

The injured man was Jewish and he had people who he was sure would help him. It was the job of the Priests and a group of people could Levites to help.
The man was lying on the ground, he knew the Priest would help but he walked on by. Later, a Levite walked past him too. After a while, along came a Samaritan (Samaritans did not get on with Jews).

Can you find a pathway through the maze for the Samaritan to travel to the injured man?

The Samaritan did not walk by, he bandaged his wounds, lifted the man onto his donkey and took him to an inn and paid for him to be cared for.

In this Bible story, who showed love? Who was the good neighbour?

Jesus told this story because he wants us to know that anyone who needs our help is our neighbour and we should show love and kindness.

Joe's Challenge: Do something kind for someone.
It doesn’t need to be a big thing maybe you could:
• Do the vacuuming so that your parents don’t have to.
• Play with your brother or sister.
• Make a card for someone, just to say I was thinking about you. Below are some hand print animal
cards to help with ideas but you could do anything. See the photographs or PDF for Joe's hand print cards.

Get creative with your ways of being kind.

As always, we would really like to see your response to this challenge through photos or video on Tapestry.

Monday 11th May - repeating patterns

We follow patterns throughout the day without realising it!

Sing together, 'Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes', can you spot the pattern? The actions are repeated in every verse.

Stories also have a repeating pattern such as 'The Gingerbread Man', you may like to look at this and discuss which phrases are repeated? Can you think of any other stories which do this?

Popcorn the Puppy wanted to complete this challenge and show you the pattern he had made. He joined Jack whilst he was building with lego and made a colourful pattern, what comes next?

After a while Popcorn felt a bit peckish so he jumped into the fridge and made a pattern using grapes and blueberries!! Which fruit does he need to collect next to continue the pattern? Can you make a repeating pattern with your fruit snack?

Later in the day, Lucy was busy counting money in our 'loose change jar' when Popcorn thought he could help and made a pattern using coins, can you copy it and continue the patterns?

What could you use to make and create a repeating pattern? We would love to see a photograph of your repeating pattern.