We wish all of our Year 6 children the very best for Secondary School and beyond! We will miss you!

St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Week beginning: 18th May

Friday 22nd May - Funky Fingers Friday!

Finger strength and moving your fingers is really important - for brain development and for developing the muscles needed for writing.

Today, can you make some playdough or salt dough? There was a recipe in the pack we sent home and I have added one to the photos above.

Once you've made it, you could try the exercises on the photos, or follow the link below and go to the Dough Disco!

Thursday 21st May - Fruit Faces!

Do you enjoy eating fruit? What's your favourite? Is there any fruit that you haven't had before, but you'd like to try? Dot loves fruit and has to be stopped from eating it all before anyone else in the house has any!

Today, Dot has found lots of fruit and has had fun using it to make fruit faces!

Can you have a go at making your own? I wonder what fruit you have at home to use. You might choose vegetables too (or something as a treat...)

Dot would love to see some photos if you try this activity!

Wednesday 20th May

WARNING: This activity takes a bit of preparation time!

One of my favourite activities to set up outside is a treasure hunt, but they work equally well indoors.

This one is a maths addition activity:

You will need 10 pieces of paper, card or post-it notes. On one side of the first piece of paper, write the number 1. On the second, number 2 and so on until you have a piece of paper each with a numeral on from 1-10.

Now, turn over the number 1 and write the sum 4+4 = on the back. You could do a different sum, but the answer needs to be 8! You could write it in digits, or using dots, or even numicon shapes (if you have them).

On the back of number 2, write a sum with the answer 7; e.g. 3+4
On the back of number 3, a sum with the answer 9 ; e.g. 6+3
On the back of number 4, the answer needs to be 6; e.g. 3+3
On 5, the answer needs to be 2 so 1+1
On 6, the answer needs to be 10, so 8+2
On 7, the answer 4 (3+1)
On 8, the answer 3 (1+2)
On 9, the answer 5 (5+0)
and on 10 - the treasure - a sticker, smiley face or whatever else you choose!

You can change the calculations to whatever you like (including subtraction) as long as the answer is the same.

Make sure you lay out the pieces of paper face up with the single numbers showing. The children turn over number 1 first, do the calculation and (hopefully) find the answer 8. They then look for the paper with the number 8 on it, turn it over and do that calculation. Keep going until they reach the treasure!

You could put the paper on a table or the floor, or you you could hide them around the house or garden. Don't make your hiding places too good - it's all too easy to forget where you've put them!

Have fun!


Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May

Joe has once again provided us with our Tuesday learning activity and has promised us another worship this week too. This week we are exploring another of Jesus' parables - this one is called 'The Prodigal Son'.

Challenge: Get a piece of paper Tear it into pieces Put the piece of paper back together again (see photo)

No matter how hard you try, it is not possible to fully fix the piece of paper. Once it’s torn paper can’t be fixed, it won’t look the same again. In the Bible Jesus tells a story about a man who broke something that he thought could never be fixed again, his relationship with his dad.

The story begins with the son asking his dad if he could have his inheritance, the money he would get when his dad died. The dad was very upset by this but agreed to give his son the money. The son went away and spent everything and ended up with nothing. He was so desperate for more money that he got a job feeding pigs which at the time was considered to be one of the worst jobs there was. He was so hungry that he even thought about eating the pig food! As he was thinking this he remembered life at home and how his dad’s servants all had plenty to eat. He decided he would go home, he thought to himself, “I know dad won’t forgive me for leaving and wasting all the money but maybe he will let me work as a servant.” So he set off on his journey towards home.

Craft: Make a ball maze (see photo)

What the son didn’t know was that each day his dad had been waiting for him to return. He used to go and look in the distance to see if he could see his son return, until one day he saw him coming and he ran to him and gave him a huge hug. The son apologised to his dad and asked if he could be one of his servants. But the dad told him you are my son, I forgive you. He then organised a huge celebration because his son was home and they were friends again.

Draw a picture of the dad running to meet his son.

Christians believe that Jesus told this story to help us understand just how much God loves us and wants us to be his friend. In the story the son really messed up but when he came back and said sorry he was forgiven by his dad and their friendship was restored. The Bible says we are like the son, we get things wrong in our lives, we are unkind to people, we tell lies. All these things break our relationship with God but if we come to him and say sorry he will forgive us and we can be friends with him. Christians believe this is the best thing that we can do. This story can be found in Luke 15:11-32 and read here, 

Monday 18th May

Part of our story time everyday in Reception is singing or saying nursery rhymes together. Sometimes we sing them on our own and sometimes as a group. Have you got a favourite?
Choose a rhyme and make sure you know it off by heart, then perform it to your family. Perhaps you could add some actions or find some props.
We would love to see a video of you performing your chosen rhyme.

Here is a link to 'Something Special' Nursery Rhymes to get you started: