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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Week beginning 21st September

Week beginning: 21st September 2020

• We will begin our phonics we will be learning the following phonemes s, a, t, p.
ACTIONS FOR SOUNDS (children will demonstrate!)
s - hands slither like a snake
a - eating an apple
t - move arm like a ticking clock
p - voiceless 'p' whilst pointing finger
•We are looking starting our harvest festival with a focus on farming.
• We will be printing using vegetables and discuss which vegetables are our favourites.
• We are looking at our morning song and starting to learn the song in Spanish.
• We will be practising writing names with correct letter formation.
• We have sent ‘challenge bags’ home in book bags today. These will contain the sounds we have covered in our phonics sessions so far (s, a, t, p) and the first of our key words for the children to practise sounding out and blending (a, an, as). They also contain some number cards with challenges to do at home.
• Please be aware that children with hair below the collar need to have it tied back on P.E. days (Tuesday and Thursday) and children with pierced ears need to have their earrings removed or covered with micro-pore tape on those days. If you wish, you can send tape into school for a member of staff to cover their earrings before the lesson.
• Please ensure that all clothing and shoes are named as we have already had to name some and had some mix ups!
• When you bring your child to school in the morning, please encourage them to walk straight in, unless you need to give a message to whoever is on gate duty (however emailed messages are preferred). Many thanks.