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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Week beginning 28th September

Week beginning: 28th September 2020


  • In the Challenge Bag this week we have added our new sounds which are i, n, m & d. The actions are:


    • i – an insect crawling up the line
    • n – wrinkle and touch nose
    • m – rub tummy
    • d – pretend to dig


  • We will be looking at sorting different objects and how we decide to group them.


  • We are continuing to learn our morning song in Spanish.


  • We will be practising writing names with correct letter formation.


  • We will also be practicing writing our new letter sounds and words that we have learnt.


  • We will be looking at our families and who is important to us. Therefore, it would be really helpful if you could upload a picture of your family to Tapestry for the children to talk about.


  • We will be looking at our feeling using ‘The Colour Monster’ we will be looking at what things make us happy, excited or unhappy. We will also be looking at how we express our feelings.


  • Just a reminder, that children with hair below the collar need to have it tied back on P.E. days (Tuesday and Thursday) and children with pierced ears need to have their earrings removed or covered with micro-pore tape on those days. If you wish, you can send tape into school for a member of staff to cover their earrings before the lesson.


  • When you bring your child to school in the morning, please encourage them to walk straight in, unless you need to give a message to whoever is on gate duty. Many thanks.