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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Week beginning 30th September

Week beginning: 30th September

• The letter on the sound table will be ‘b’.
• Your child will have brought home a 'Challenge Bag' this week and we have added our new sounds which are s, a, t,p. The actions are:
s – slither hand along like a snake
a – eat a pretend apple
t – index finger 'ticks' like a clock
p – index finger points
• Next week we are continuing to look at the rhyme ‘Humpty, Dumpty’ and finishing the creative activities - salt dough Humptys etc.
• We are also going to be planting hyacinth bulbs and beginning a bulb diary to track their progress as they begin to grow.
• We will be trying our hand at some observational drawing and painting of different types of flowers.
• We will be practising matching groups of objects to the right numeral card.
• PLEASE ensure your child’s drink is named, and do not put them into book bags to carry them to and from school.
• We would like your children to bring their yellow reading record, reading book and challenge bag into school every day, so that we can practise them in school as well as home.

With our ever-changing weather, please could you ensure that your child has a coat with them every day.

We are very pleased that we have home access for our favourite website 'Busy Things' again this year. Please use the login details on the photograph to explore lots of activities supporting our Reception curriculum. The photograph is available on Tapestry. The website works on both desktop and tablets, although some games are only available on desktops.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on your children's Tapestry observations, we love getting the feedback from home. You can add your own observations from home if you would like to and we enjoy sharing these with the children in school.