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St Paul's CofE Primary School

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PE and Sport Premium

How are we spending this money?


1.To provide specialist teachers the opportunity to develop their CPD and become familiar with new initiatives and cascade their learning to non-specialist staff which increase subject knowledge and delivery of PE within curriculum time.


2.To pay for release time for the PE co-ordinator to work alongside the School Sport Development Manager to monitor and assess the teaching of PE during curriculum time and provide high quality feedback to staff.


3.To pay for all PE specialists to attend a ‘First Aid at Work’ course so injuries during PE time or after-school can be dealt with effectively and immediately.


4.To pay for transport and release time for a member of staff to drive the school mini-bus to school competitive sport events.


  1. To provide additional school sports clubs at lunchtime 
  2. To provide training and equipment for Midday Supervisory Assistants to introduce playground games at lunchtimes.


7.To purchase any equipment required to teach a new sport and develop the teaching and delivery of gymnastics.


8.To purchase ICT equipment for children to use during PE sessions to film movements and use when evaluating to improve skills


Aims for 2016:


¬A future plan for spring 2016 – Provide Health & Fitness lunchtime club

¬Lead teachers to attend a Family FUNS session at Ledbury Primary School (14.01.2016) to encourage children to be more active and lead a healthier lifestyle.

¬Cross-fit Club – Y3 & 4

¬Celebration of The Olympic Games, Rio 2016

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