Nativity- Children to be dropped off at school between 17:00-17:20 on Tuesday 10th December. Please drop children at the studio doors and then make your way to St Paul's Church if you are watching the nativity. Photographs and raffle tickets will be sold in the foyer of the church so please remember to bring some pennies. Visitors will be able to access the church by the doors near to the community hall. Children will need to be collected between 19:00-19:15 in the KS1 playground where children are normally dismissed at the end of the day.

St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light


Understanding the roots of our nation and the broader origins of Western civilisation is covered in detail throughout the school.  With our ancient nation's many millennia of history we are unable to address every era but work to our strengths covering many key periods in detail.


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Beginning in youngest year groups, we address the understanding of change through time, how the past is different to the present, before moving onto deeper knowledge and skills.  


Using cross curricular links we engage with cookery, Design Technology, web resources, trips, visiting historians and archaeologists, art, literacy, numeracy [Roman numerals and Ancient Egyptian multiplication], theme days [Victorian school, WW2 evacuees] and geography. 


Studying ancient Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain we develop an overview of early settlements and the bush craft skills required.  Hill forts, Celtic art, farming, place name origins and lifestyle are explored. 


We visit the Roman army town of Caerleon and discover life in Britannia, the reasons for invasion, life within and after Roman Britain.  


Tudor England is taught with visits to central Hereford and the deep legacy of this colourful vibrant era.


 The Victorian roots of Tupsley and St Paul's form a start point for exploring this dynamic generation with both local and global impacts.  A day visit to a living heritage museum is undertaken during the year.  


The childhoods of World War Two evacuees in the Herefordshire countryside informs our learning about the Homefront.  


In addition to British history we also study Ancient Egypt and  Ancient Greece in considerable detail regarding the beginnings of civilisation and Western values