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St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Year 6

Here are our KPI's for Year 6. Click on the star to see how you can develop these skills!

Global Awareness: I understand how my behaviours impact locally, nationally and globally at a political and environmental level.


Reflective Learning: I can critically reflect on what I am doing in order to improve.


Business and Communication: I understand what ambition and drive mean and the impact they may have on my future.


Creativity and Inventiveness: I can transform my own original ideas or plans into a product and performance and evaluate the outcome.


Teamwork and Collaboration: I can acquire knowledge and develop new skills and attributes by learning from and with my peer group.


Resilience: I persevere, making several attempts to solve problems if necessary, and practising new skills in order to improve attainment and realise my ambitions.


Healthy Life, Healthy Mind: I can manage my diet and organise myself so that I benefit from opportunities to develop a healthy body and mind.


Business and Communication: I can use a wide variety of software to enhance my learning and to communicate ideas.


Question and Wonder: I can ask big questions and research answers using a wide range of sources, presenting my findings clearly.


Independence: I can manage all aspects of school life with minimal support.