Welcome back to all our pupils and families.

St Paul's CofE Primary School

In your light shall we see light

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Vautier-Thomas -  Headteacher
Mrs Bagley - Deputy Headteacher. Years 2,3 & 4
Mrs Croot - Assistant Headteacher. Years R & 1
Mrs Yates - Assistant Headteacher. Years 5 & 6
Mrs McEnery - Assistant Headteacher.
Mrs Collins - School Business Manager
Mrs Millington-Jones - Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager


Mrs McEnery - Assistant Headteacher.

Pastoral and Safeguarding Manager

Mrs Millington-Jones


Miss Hunt
Miss Turner
Mrs Lane
Mrs Sankey

Year 1

Mrs Croot
Miss Major
Mrs Bayliss
Mrs Simpson
Mrs Hancock
Mrs Jones

Year 2

Mrs Bagley - Teacher 2SB. Deputy Headteacher.
Miss Ackerman
Mrs Edwards
Mrs Jones

Year 3

Mrs Howard
Miss Hayden-COx
Mrs Drew
Mrs Armellino

Year 4

Miss Coates - Teacher 4C.
Mr Vaughn
Mrs Knight
Mrs Betts

Year 5

Mr Dean
Miss McQuillian
Mrs Nicholl
Mrs Taylor

Year 6

Mrs Wilson
Mrs D'Avanzo
Mrs Yates
Ms Randall

Office Staff

Mrs Collins - School Business Manager
Mrs O'Grady - Admin Assistant
Mrs Bennett - Admin Assistant

Support Staff

Mr Quarterman