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Update on our Water Issue 19.12.18

We reluctantly took the decision to close the school yesterday because of combination of water-related factors.


Following work on our connection to the mains in recent weeks, we have been experiencing difficulties with our supply to some parts of the school, these include the ones in the Reception and Year 1 toilets.


The second concern was that a routine water test was undertaken, which resulted in samples needing further testing.

Following this test result, we could not obtain definitive confirmation yesterday morning, that the water across the school was completely safe to drink. Until we had that assurance, we decided not to let children use the water for drinking or handwashing. Unfortunately, we were forced to close the school for the afternoon in the absence of water for drinking and handwashing.


Today, we have supplied the children with bottled drinking water and hand sanitising fluid. We have also ensured that the taps in the pupil toilets cannot be used inadvertently.


We have received excellent advice and technical support from health and safety professionals and water specialists in managing this issue across the school.


We have received the test results today and are happy to confirm that all water issues are now resolved.


Thank you for your understanding and patience yesterday.


Do let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Kind regards,



Mr Andrew Teale

Executive Headteacher